Welcome to Almost Human Labs!  Here at Almost Human Labs we strive to make better Artificial Intelligence that mimicks human thinking and learning. Creators of BotFinders <– Try it out.

Almost Human Labs Products

Almost Human Labs is currently working on 3 products currently in development.

  • Retail Chat Bot
    • This retail chatbot will help users find products quickly and efficiently and add an element of human feeling to the process. This bot will demonstrate the latest in AI interaction and will show what can be possible.
  • Autonomous Driving Division
    • The autonomous division of Almost Human Labs will focus on the latest advancements in autonomous driving.
  • Learning Robot
    • This division of Almost Human Labs will focus on a learning robot aimed at teaching young children the values of STEM education and programming a robot  and personality


Almost Human Labs was founded in 2017 by a true visionary who understands true AI and the way Artificial Intelligence will change the way people live their daily lives.



Oscar Sessions oscar AT almosthumanlabs.com is the founder and CTO of Almost Human Labs and is dedicated to making Artificial Intelligence advance using biology based implementations.